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Easy and Efficient Real Estate Closings in Florida

Ensure a smooth and secure Real Estate Closing in Florida with Ashland Medley Law, PLLC, your trusted Real Estate Lawyer. As a member of the Attorneys Title Fund, we issue title policies through the Old Republic Title Agency, guaranteeing comprehensive protection for your investment. Our streamlined digital closing platform simplifies the entire process, enabling seamless communication and real-time tracking for all parties involved—real estate agents, brokers, buyers, sellers, and lenders.

Relying on a law firm for your real estate transaction ensures convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. Attorney Medley’s extensive title experience allows her to preemptively identify and address potential title issues that could delay or jeopardize your closing. Avoid the pitfalls of using title agencies with high-volume closings; trust in the expertise of an experienced attorney to safeguard your investment.

At Ashland Medley Law, PLLC, we specialize in a range of transactions, including Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure, REO transactions, Purchase and Sale Transactions, and negotiating lien reductions and short payoffs. For a hassle-free closing experience, simply reach out to us via call, email, or the provided form below. Let us handle your real estate needs with precision and care.

The best part of our platform is that everyone can see the status of the closing process at any time during the day while all of the communications and documents are kept on the secured platform. The risk of fraud and cyber- crime is significantly reduced by using the secured platform. It’s as easy as logging into our platform to confirm what stage the transaction is in for the closing.

Typically, a purchase and sale transaction can be reduced to 3 steps:

Secure financing and find your dream home

During this step you will research lenders, obtain a pre-approval for a mortgage, find your dream home, make an offer, negotiate the contract, and tender your earnest money deposit. Home inspections and obtaining an appraisal of the

Run title

AML will run a title report that will pull any judgments, liens, deeds, mortgages, and any encumbrances on the property that are recorded in the official records. AML will pull municipal and county liens, outstanding taxes, and order estoppel letters for Homeowner Associations and Condominium Owner Associations, if applicable. A payoff will be requested if the seller has an existing mortgage on the property.

Closing occurs

The buyer wires the funds in advance of the actual closing date to ensure the funds clear prior to disbursement to the seller. The buyer executes the Promissory Note and Mortgage, and other loan documents. The Seller executes the Deed. AML runs a gap title search for any judgments, liens, taxes, and assessments that may have attached to the property after the initial title search was run. If all is clear, the funds will be disbursed and the keys to the property will be tendered to the new buyers. AML will record the Mortgage, Deed, and ensure the prior mortgage, if any, is released.

Real Estate Closings

Short Sales & Short Payoff Negotiations

AML handles Short Sale transactions and Short Payoff Negotiations for buyers and sellers. Ashland Medley Law represents investors in commercial and residential mortgage foreclosures and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in handling these transactions. A short sale is when the property’s contract price is less than what is owed on the existing mortgage on the property. Unfortunately, having a property that is “under water” is not uncommon in today’s market. Lenders are often willing to accept a purchase price that is less than what is owed on the existing mortgage.

Real Estate Closings

Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

AML Title & Escrow, PLLC can also assist in a Deed in Lieu 0f Foreclosure (“DIL”) transaction. If you are in foreclosure, the Lender may accept a DIL which will allow you to avoid having a Final Judgment of Mortgage Foreclosure filed and recorded against your name. In short, you give the lender the deed to your house to avoid a final judgment. AML can prepare the title documents necessary for this transaction expeditiously as we understand your circumstances are urgent.

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